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  dragon's lair ii > dl2 dimensions Sunday, July 05, 2015
Detailed DL2 Cabinet Dimensions

These measurements are provided as a guideline for people who may need to build their own cabinet for their Dragon's Lair II hardware. The measurements are based on my DL2 machine, which is one of at least two types that I know exist (the other cabinet does not have an access panel in the front, and may be slightly smaller). The measurements should be reasonably accurate, but are not guaranteed to produce an identical cabinet. Since I'm measuring a machine that is already assembled, it was difficult to obtain measurements of all parts involved. So, use these measurements as guidelines only.

The cabinet is made (mostly) out of pressed partical board. The shape is very similar to one style of JAMMA cabinet. It is a very typical cabinet, with two main sides, back, top, and a front (the front can be divided into a few different regions).

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Side View of a DL2 cabinet, with dimensions.
Section measured
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Front, bottom.
Section measured
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Front, top.
Section measured
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Control Panel, top.
Section measured

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