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  mame > spinner Wednesday, May 27, 2015
Installing a Spinner on a control panel

About the time that I completed my first control panel, Twistygrip hit the web. As soon as they had the kit version available, I ordered it. Again, here was an input device that is only used on a handful of games. So, I decided to place the spinner out of the way of the buttons and joysticks. As it turns out, the placement of the spinner in CPv2 is very comfortable.

Raw control panel (CPv2) with spinner hole

Here, once again, is the rough layout. It is placed on the control panel in a position where it can be used by the player's right hand. The spinner doesn't interfere with play using the left joystick and six buttons.

Rear view, mounted

Here's what it looks like from underneath the control panel. Basically the spinner is a mouse PCB suspended by a wire and a shaft. Although it is a little delicate, once you have it mounted you shouldn't have any problems.

Complete. Tempest here I come!

And here it is ready to play. The knob is secured on by a screw into the top of the shaft. Someone who played Tempest in the 80s will notice a drastic difference in this spinner and the "real" thing. However, with some adjustments to the MAME analog settings, most spinner games play very well. For the price, you can't beat it.

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